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mir publishers moscow logo ABOUT THE PUBLISHERS

Mir Publishers of Moscow published Soviet scientific and technical literature in twenty five languages including all those most widely used. MIR translated texts into Russian, and from Russian originals produced books in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Finnish, Hungarian, Mongolian, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Vietnamese, Dari, Laotian, Khmer, Greek, Bengali, Marathi, and Telugu. Titles included textbooks for higher technical and vocational schools, literature on the natural sciences and medicine (including textbooks for medical schools), popular science and science fiction. The contributors to Mir Publishers list were leading Soviet scientists and engineers from all fields of science and technology, among them more than forty Members and Corresponding Members of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Skilled translators provided a high standard of translation from the original Russian. Many of the titles already issued by Mir Publishers have been adopted as textbooks and manuals at educational establishments in India, France, Switzerland, Cuba, Syria, Brazil and many other countries.

Advances in Physical Chemistry : Edited by Ya. M. Kolotyrkin

Airport Engineering by G. Glushkov, V. Babkov, L. Goretsky, A. Smirnov
Translated from the Russian by Alexander B. Kuznetsov, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
Revised English Translation in 1988 of the 1981 Russian Edition.
Hard Bound, 478 Pages, ISBN 5-03-000026-7 5030000267.

GLUSHKOV G.I., D. Sc. BABKOV V.F., D. Sc. GORETSKY L.I, Cand. Sc. SMIRNOV A. S., Cand. Sc.
The authors of this book are the faculty members of the Moscow Highway Engineering Institute. Apart from this volume, written with Prof. G.I. Glushkov as general editor, have to their credit a total of several hundred publications, including textbooks, monographs, and articles.
This is a book written by a team of leading Soviet authorities in the field, which presents a systematic and step-by-step approach to a broad range of matters involved in airport engineering. Based on research, surveying, and design practices adopted both in and outside the USSR, the material has been brought in line with the latest standards and is in agreement with the international standards prepared by ICAO. Amply illustrated and supplied with valuable reference data, the volume is intended for students majoring in airport engineering. Key features include Master planning studies, Grading, Drainage, Paving and Design of Pavements).
(Contents: PART ONE: General Master Planning Studies, Civil Airports, Airport Traffic, Airfield Structures, Passenger and Cargo Handling Facilities, Structures and Facilities for Aircraft Maintenance, Airport Master Planning, Geometric Design of the Landing Area. PART TWO: Airport Grading, Basic Requirements, Ground Surface Grading, Earthwork Volume Computations. PART THREE: Airport Drainage, Surface and Subsurface Drainage, Meteorological and Hydrologic Data for Hydraulic Analysis of Drainage Systems. PART FOUR: Airport Pavements, Types of Airport Pavements, Flexible Pavements, Design of Unpaved Landing Strips, Design of Airports in Severe Environments. PART FIVE: Structural Design of Airport Pavements, Effect of Aircraft on Airport Pavements, Subgrade Behaviour, Analysis and Design of Rigid Pavements).

All Over the Globe by D. Sharle
Translated from the Russian by Boris V. Kuznetsov, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.

Revised English Translation in 1989 of the 1985 Russian Edition.
Hard Bound, 368 Pages, ISBN 5-03-000079-8 5030000798.

David L. Sharle, Candidate of Technical Sciences and Senior Research Worker, has penned 180 publications, including 25 books on the history, theory, design, engineering and manufacture of communication cables. "All Over the Globe" has brought him a 'Society for Knowledge' award.
(Contents: The Age Before Cable, or From Signal Drums to Electricity, Of Those Who Have Laid the Foundation, Telegraph Cables Come First, The Cable Goes Aquatic, Enter the Telephone Cable, Cables in the City-Heaps of Problems, The Land of El-Ef, Across the Seas and Oceans, A Look at the Future, Will There Be Cables in the Year 2000?).

Applied Methods in the Theory of Non-Linear Oscillations

Aptitude Test Problems in Physics Ed. by S. S. Krotov

Translated from the Russian by Natalia Wadhwa, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1990 English Translation, Revised from the 1988 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 310 Pages. ISBN 5-03-001468-3 5030014683

(Contents: Mechanics, Heat and Molecular Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Solutions).

Analytical Chemistry for Soil Scientists : N. Mshakova

Areas and Logarithms by A. I. Markushevich

Translated from the Russian by I. Aleksanova, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
English Translation 1981, Soft Bound, 72 Pages.

The book offers a geometric theory of logarithms, in which (natural) logarithms are represented as areas of various geometrical shapes. All the properties of logarithms, as well as methods of their calculation, are then determined from the properties of the areas. The book also introduces the most simple concepts and properties of integral calculus,, without resort to the concept of a derivative. The book is intended for all lovers of mathematics, particularly schoolchildren.

Automobile Truck Drivers Manual : V. Kalissky, A. Manzon, G. Nagula

Basic Drawing for Builders
Basic Chemical Engineering with Practical Applications
Basic Engineering Geology and Soil Mechanics : N. Maslov
Book of Problems in Ordinary Differential Equations: Krasnov
Building in Hot Climate : T. M. Stoll, G. I. Evstratov
Building Materials and Components : A. Komar
Basic Drawing for Builders : Yu Korioev

Cable work by M. Zevin, A. Trifonov

Translated from the Russian by Peter S. Ivanov, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1987 English Translation, Revised from the 1984 Russian Edition, Hard Bound, 232 Pages.

(Contents: Generation and Distribution of Electric Power, Electrical Installations and Cable Connections, Electrical Installation Work, Structures Used for Cable Laying, Power and Pilot Cable Makeups, Cable Laying, Materials for Cable Joints and Terminal Connections, Cable Stripping, Cable Connectors and Terminators, Joining and Terminating Cable Conductors, Cable Line Maintenance and Repairs, Industrial Safety and Antifire Measures).

Cad basics : V. Koryachko, V. Kureichik, I. Norenkov
Chemical Technology : volumes 1 and 2 : I. P. Mukhlyonov
The Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum and Gas : V. N. Erikh
Chemistry of Water and Microbiology : N. F. Voznaya
Childhood Orthopaedics : M. Volkov and Others
Computational Mathematics, Worked Examples and Problems with Elements of Theory : N. V. Kopchenova and I. A. Maron

Computational Mathematics by B. P. Demidovich, I. A. Maron
Translated from the Russian by George Yankovsky, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1981 English Translation of the Third Printing in 1981 of the 1973 Russian Edition, Hard Bound, 688 Pages.


Computational Mathematics : N. I. Danilina, N. S. Dubrovskaya, O. P. Kvascha, G. L. Smirnov
Computers, Computer Systems and Networks : B. Kagan
Concrete and Reinforced Concrete - Deterioration and Protection : V. Moskvin
Contact Problems in the Theory of Plates and Shells
Converter and Open-Hearth Steel Manufacture : G. Oiks
Cotton Weaving : V. Gordeev, P. Volkov, I. Blinov, M. Svyatenko
A Course of Higher Mathematics : A.A. Shestakov
Course of Mathematical Analysis Volume II
Cutting Tool Production : A. Barsov

Dies Moulds and Jigs : V Vladimirov
Differential Diagnosis of Internal Diseases Vols. I and II
Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat : A.G. Likhachev
Diseases of Ear, Throat and Nose : V.T. Palchun
Do You Know Chemistry
Domination in 2545 End Game Studies

Earthquake Resistant Structures
Elastic-plastic Fracture Mechanics : V. Z. Parton, E. M. Morozov
Electric Equipment Mounting Operation and Repair
Electrical Machine Installation and Wiring Practice : M. Kaminsky and V. Poluchankin
Electric Power Systems, Cybernetics in Electric Power Systems : Valentin Andreevich Venikov
Electrodynamics : Yu. V. Novozhilov and Yu. A. Yappa

Electrons Phonons Magnons by M. I. Kaganov

Translated from the Russian by V. I. Kissin, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1981 English Translation, Revised from the 1979 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 264 Pages.

(Contents: Instead of an Introduction: Languages of Science, On Physics in General and Quantum Mechanics in Parlicular, Introduction to the Next Five Chapters: Solid State Physics, Phonons, Two Statistics, Electrons, Electrons and Phonons, Magnons, Concluding Remarks).

Elements of Game Theory : Ye S. Ventsel and Ju. A Schreider
Emergency Ambulance Service : B.D. Komarov
Engineering Drawing : S. Bogolyubov and A. Voinov
Ethology What Animals Do and Why : Igor Akimushkin
Exercises in Machine Drawing : S.K. Bogolyubov
Experimental Nuclear Physics Volume I K. Mukhin

Experiments without Explosions by O. M. Olgin

Translated from the Russian by G. I. Grishuk, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1988 English Translation, Revised from the 1986 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 288 Pages. ISBN 5-03-000561-7 5030005617

(Contents: The Home Laboratory, The First Experiments, Drawing with Iodine, Home-Made Indicators, Extraction, Experiments with Gases, Oxidation-Reduction, Adsorption, Dry Cleaning, Washing Clothes, A Soap Candle, Chalk, Marble, Eggshell Electrolysis in a Glass, Tin and Lead, Aluminium, Chromium, and Nickel, Experiments with Copper Wire, Smoke Without Fire, Lets Look into the Cupboard, Experiments with Protein, Experiments with Carbohydrates, Sugar from Sawdust, A Cup of Tea, Let's Make Use of Bones!, Why Berries Release Juice, Summertime Experiments, How Much Vitamin C Does an Apple Contain?, Almonds-Bitter and Sweet, Business with Pleasure, Oil Paints, Pigments, Watercolours, How to Fight Corrosion, How to Paint Without Paints, Electroplating, Galvanoplastics, Noble Patina, Glass and Enamel, Home-Made Plasticine and Sealing Wax, Let Us Silver a Mirror!, Sleight of Hand, Spoon-Rectifier, Light a Lamp with a Match!, The Long Service Life of a Battery, Sources of Current from Stuff at Hand, All Crystals, Big and Small, Crystal Patterns, A Plate Bearing Riches, How to Make the Invisible Visible, Simple Tricks, A Chemical Clock, A Rainbow Without the Sun, Luminous Solutions, The Luminescence of Solid Bodies, A Fantastic Bouquet oŁ Flowers, With Your Own Eyes, Experiments with Enzymes: Oxidases and Peroxidases, Dehydrogenases, Amylases, And Not Only Amylase, Chromatography at Home, The Ray of Light Fell on the Crystal..., An Unusual Photograph, Caution! High Speed!, Artificial Fibres, A Chemical Watchman).

The Extraordinary Properties of Ordinary Solutions : Yu. Ya. Fialkov

Fascinating Fractions : N.M. Beskin

Fitting practice by N. Makienko

Translated from the Russian by F. Palkin and V. Palkin, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1983 English Translation, Revised from the 1980 Russian Edition, Hard Bound, 238 Pages.

(Contents: Fitter's Work, Arrangement of Fitter's Work, Accident Prevention and Fire Protection, In-plane Layout, Chipping of Metals, Cold Straightening of Metals, Bending of Metals, Cutting of Metals, Filing of Metals, Drilling, Core-drilling, Counterboring, Countersinking, and Reaming, Thread Cutting, Riveting, Three-dimensional Layout, Scraping, Filing Openings and Fitting, Lapping, Soldering, Tinning, Adhesive Bonding, Basic Dimensional Measurements).

Flying Trains by G. Zelkin

Translated from the Russian by E. Edelev, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1986 English Translation, Revised from the 1984 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 152 Pages.

(Contents: At the Start of a New Transportation Method, How to Make the Distant Closer, Travel and Progress of Civilization, Speed and Technological Progress, Transportation and Mankind, The Development of Transportation, Social Implication of Transportation, What is Better-a Tractor or an Electric Train? Multiple Requirements for Transportation, Project Feasibility Analysis, Airships-a Proposition for the Future or a Transportation for Today? Cushion...but of What Type? When the Wheel Fails to Do the Job, A Winged Train on an Air Cushion, Trains with Magnetic Suspension, Humans in a Magnetic Field, Northwards to Work, Southwards Home, The Surprises of Permafrost, ACVs for Northern Regions, The Development Strategy for the Soviet North, Trains for Vacation Flights, Wheelless Trains on Short Sections, Wheelless Trains over Long Distances, The Future Begins Today, Projects, Projects, Projects, Flying above the Waves, The World of Transport Today and Tomorrow).

Foundations of One Electron Theory of Solids : L. I. Yastrebov and A. A Katsnelson
Foundry Practice: N.D. Titev and Y.A. Stepanov
Foundry Practice for Young Workers : G. Abramov
Friction, Wear, Lubrication Vols. I, II and III: V. Kragelsky
Fun with Maths and Physics: Brain Teasers, Tricks, Illusions. Y. I. Perelman
Fun with Numbers : I. Stepnova
Fundamentals of Electrical Materials : N. Nikulin
Fundamentals of Heat Engineering : V. Okhotin, V. Zhidkikh, V. Lavygin, F. Salomzoda
Fundamentals of Machine Design, Volumes 1 to 5 : P. Orlov
Fundamentals of Mass Transfer, Gas-Liquid, Vapour-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Systems : V. Kafarov
Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics : V.A. Fock

General Technology of Cotton Manufacturing : Bukayev
Geochemical Prospecting : A. P. Solovov
General Principles of Power Metallurgy : M. Ya Balshil
Glazing Practice : A. Shepelev
Grinding Machines : G. Lurie
Grinding of Metals : V. V. Losdkutov
Grounds for optimism : L. Bobrov
Guide to Practical Radio Chemistry : volumes 1 and 2, edited by G. Leip
Guide to Practical Radio Chemistry : volumes 1 and 2, N. Nesmeganov

Handbook of Cotton Weaving Vol. I and II : E. Onivov
Headache : V.E. Grechko

Heat and Mass Transfer by A. V. Luikov

Translated from the Russian by T. Kortneva, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1980 English Translation, Revised from the 1978 Russian Edition, Hard Bound, 624 Pages.

This book written by the outstanding Soviet scientist in the field of heat and mass transfer is a revised version of the second edition of "Handbook of Heat and Mass Transfer" which was published by Energiya Publishers in 1978 and gained wide recognition of thermal engineers in the Soviet Union. The Handbook was prepared by A. V. Luikov, one of the world-known scientists in the field of heat and mass transfer. It is a systematized survey of the current state of affairs in this field. The book contains a critical analysis of the latest work on the subject.

About the Author: Academician A. V. Luikov carried out extensive research work, the results of which are incorporated in his more than 250 papers and 18 monographs, many of which were translated and published in England, France, Germany, Hungary, the U.S.A. and other countries. For his scientific and international activities A. V. Luikov was honoured with the U.S.S.R. State Prize of the first degree in 1951, the I.I. Polzunov Award, the Order of Lenin in 1967, the Order of the Red Banner of Labour in 1970, the Gold Medal "For Merits in Development of Friendship and Co-operation with CSSR" in 1971, and the Gold Medal of the French Institute of Combustion and Energy in 1973. A. V. Luikov contributed much to fostering international cooperation of scientists. He was among those who instituted the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer and the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer in Yugoslavia, which instituted a medal after his name to be bestowed on scientists for outstanding researches in the field.

Heat Processes in Glass and Silicate Technology: I. Bulavin
Higher Mathematics (for Engineering Students) Worked Examples and Problems with Elements of Theory, Parts 1, 2 and 3 : Edited by A. V. Efimov and B. P. Demidovich
Higher Mathematics : V.S. Shipachev
Higher Mathematics for Beginners (and Its Application to Physics) : Ya. B. Zeldovich
A History of Psychology : Mikhail Yaroshevsky
History of the Ancient World : F. Korovkin

How We See What We See by V. Demidov

Translated from the Russian by Alexander Repyev, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1986 English Translation, Revised from the 1979 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 240 Pages.

(Contents: The Boundary of the Preconscious, Galen's Foresight, Traps for Details of the Image, The Tree of Recognition of Good and Evil, When We Cannot Say A We Say B, Cycles in Dress, The World Is Made Up of Details, All Roads Lead to Rome, Library or Telebrary?, The Flat Three-Dimensional World, Direct Consequences of the Inverted View, The Palette, A Sieve for Images, Illusions Produced by Our Search for Truth, A New Clue to Old Mysteries).

Inequalities : P.P. Korovkin
Inorganic Chemistry Text book for Schools : U.V. Khedakov
Infection Diseases of Childhood : S.D. Nosov
Internal Diseases : V.M. Bogolyurov
Introduction to Electro-chemistry : V. Kubasov and S. Zaretsky
Introduction to Energy Technology : V.A. Venikov
Introduction to Polymer Physics : I. L Perepechko
Introduction to Semiconductor Theory : A. Ansedm
Inverse Problems of Dynamics : A. Galiulin

Junior Physics : A.V. Peryshkin, N.A. Rodina

Laboratory Manual for General and Inorganic Chemistry : Z. Vasilyeva, A.Granovskaya, A. Taperova
Laboratory Practice in Knitting Technology
Lathe Work : V. Feshchenko
Learning About Chemistry : G.B. Shulpin
The Learning Brain, Medical Series : Edited by E. A. Asratyan and P. V. Simonov

Lobachevskian Geometry by A. S. Smogorzhevsky

Translated from the Russian by V. Kisin, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
English Translation 1982, Soft Bound, 72 Pages.

(Contents: Author's Note, A Brief Essay on the Life and Work of N. I. Lobachevsky, On the Origin of Axioms and Their Role in Geometry, Inversion Map of a Lobachevskian Plane, A Circle in a Lobachevskian Plane, Equidistant Curve, Horocycle, Selected Theorems of Lobachevskian Geometry, Supplementary Remarks, On Natural Logarithms and Hyperbolic Functions, Measurement of Segments of Hyperbolic Straight Lines, Basic Formulas of Hyperbolic Trigonometry, The Lengths of Certain Plane Curves in Lobachevskian Geometry, Conclusion.)

Low Temperature Properties of Polymers : Perepechko

Machine Design : Yu. Berezovsky, D. Chernilevsky, M. Petrov
Machine Elements : V. Dobrovolsky and Others
Machine Tool Design Vol. IV : A. Acherkan

Machine Tools by N. Chernov

Translated from the Russian by Felix PALKIN, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
Second printing in 1979 of the 1975 English Edition, Hard Bound, 422 Pages.

A textbook for technical schools and colleges and apprentice engineers on the standard parts and mechanisms, electrical and hydraulic equipment of machine tools, the equipment of automatic transfer lines, and N/C machine tools. May also interest university engineering students not specializing in machine tools. The book provides a complete and definite description of the machine tools presently in use. It has been written by N. Chernov who graduated from the Siberian Automobile Institute, worked as an engineer and now lectures on the subject of machine tools at the Omsk Aviation College.

(Contents: General Introduction, Typical Parts and Mechanisms of Machine Tools, Electrical Equipment of Machine Tools, Hydraulic Systems of Machine Tools, Automatic Controls of Machine Tools, Engine Lathes, Relieving Lathes, Facing Lathes and Vertical Boring and Turning Machines, Turret Lathes, Automatic Lathes, Drilling Machines, Boring Machines, Milling Machines, Dividing Heads, Basic Concepts of Copying Milling Machines, Thread-Cutting Machines, Shaping, Planing, and Slotting Machines, Broaching Machines, Grinding Machines, Microfinishing Machines, Gear-Cutting Machines, Unit-Built Machine Tools, Automatic Transfer Lines, Miscellaneous Machine Tools, Numerical Control in Machine Tools, Modernization and Certification of Machine Tools, The Use of Machine Tools).

Man Science Humanism, a New Synthesis : Ivan Frolov
Manual for Oil and Gas Industry Workers
Manual of Theory of Elasticity : V. Raksch

Materials Handling by Ya. Oberman

Translated from the Russian by Grigory Pasechnik, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW. ISBN 503000518 5-03-00051-8
1988 English Translation from the Revised 1985 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 240 Pages.

(Contents: Slinging Work, Duties and Responsibilities of a Slinger, Loads and Packages in Metallurgical Practice, Components of Hoisting Devices, Detachable Materials Handling Attachments, Specialized Attachments, Manipulators and Robots for Materials Handling, Slinging of Materials, Tilling of Materials, Transportation of Materials in Metallurgical Practice, Safety in Slinging Operations).

Mathematical Analysis : A. F. Bermant, I. G. Aramanovich
Mathematical Analysis : V.B. Urorov
Mathematical Analysis in Question and Problems : B. F. Butuzov
Mathematical Handbook (Elementary Mathematics) : M. Vygodsky
Mathematical Handbook (Higher Mathematics) : M. Vygodsky
Me or not me : R.V. Petrov
Mechanics for Engineers : D. Chernilevsky

MECHANISMS in Modern Engineering Design
A Handbook for Engineers, Designers and Inventors
by IVAN I. ARTOBOLEVSKY, D.Sc.(Eng.) Member USSR Academy of Sciences,
Translated from the Russian by Nicholas Weinstein, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW, 1977 Edition.

This multi-volume manual of mechanisms in modern engineering design is the culmination of the author's life work on the theory and classification of mechanisms and is an encyclopaedic presentation of all the mechanisms used in modern engineering practice. The first edition, the four-volume Manual of Mechanisms, published in 1947-52 by the USSR Academy of Sciences, soon became an indispensible handbook for Soviet engineers, designers, and inventors. The new, enlarged manual will be found invaluable in all university and polytechnical departments of mechanical engineering, and in research and development and design organizations and laboratories. In Mechanisms in Modern Engineering Design each mechanism is represented by a diagram of its working principle with a concise description. The mechanisms are classified according to a scheme developed by Prof. Artobolevsky.

The contents of the volumes of this encyclopaedic work are as follows:
Volume 1 Lever Mechanisms. Elements of Mechanisms. Simple Lever Mechanisms. Linkwork.
Volume 2 Parts 1 and 2 Lever Mechanisms. Link-gear Mechanisms. Slider-crank Mechanisms. Lever-cam Mechanisms. Gear-lever Mechanisms. Lever-ratchet Mechanisms. Flexible-link Lever Mechanisms. Elastic-link Lever Mechanisms. Wedge-lever Mechanisms. Lever-screw Mechanisms.
Volume 3 Gear Mechanisms. Simple Gear Mechanisms. Lever-gear Mechanisms. Pin-gear Mechanisms. Ratchet-gear Mechanisms. Cam-gear Mechanisms. Worm-gear Mechanisms. Complex Gear Mechanisms.
Volume 4 Cam and friction, and flexible-link mechanisms.(Contents: Simple Cam Mechanisms, Cam-Lever Mechanisms, Gear-Cam Mechanisms, Cam-Ritchet Mechanisms, Simple Friction Mechanisms, Complex Friction Mechanisms, Simple Flexible-Link Mechanisms and Complex Flexible-Link Mechanisms).
Volume 5 Parts 1 and 2 Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical devices.

About the Author: Prof. Ivan Artobolevsky, Mem. USSR Acad. Sci., was a leading Soviet engineer in the field of the theory of machines and mechanisms. He took his engineering degree in 1926 at the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in Moscow, where his father was a professor, studying under Professors V.P. Goryachkin and N. I. Mertsalov. From his studies of the work of Assur, Burmester, Chebyshev, Reuleaux, Somov, Wills, and Zhukovsky, he developed a system of common classification of mechanisms, the rudiments of which are to be found in the work of L. V. Assur on plane mechanisms published in 1914-18. This system subsequently yielded the general method for designing mechanisms that had formed the basis of Prof. Arto-bolevsky's lectures on the theory of machines and mechanisms first at the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering and then at the Moscow Aviation Institute. Prof. Artobolevsky's Mechanisms for the Generation of Plane Curves (London, 1964) is already well known to English speaking engineers.

Professor Ivan ARTOBOLEVSKY, in addition to his teaching and research, is active in Soviet public life and an ardent exponent of the spread of science and the promotion of international scientific and cultural relations. He is a deputy of the Supreme Soviet and member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. He is the President of the USSR Znanie Society (The USSR Society for the Dissemination of Scientific and Political Knowledge), the Soviet counterpart of the British and American and other Associations for the Advancement of Science, a Vice-President of the World Federation of Scientific Workers, and an officer or council member of many Soviet scientific and engineering professional bodies, including the USSR Academy of Sciences and the USSR Council of Scientific and Technical Societies. He is also a Vice-President of the Institute of Soviet-American Relations, and a member of the Council of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations. Prof. Artobolevsky has been honoured many times for his scientific and public activities. He has three times received the highest award of the Soviet Union, the Order of Lenin, and also the honorary title of Hero of Socialist Labour. He has also been awarded the Chebyshev Prize of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1946), the Joliot-Curie Silver Medal of the World Council of Peace (1959), the Silver Medal for Services in the Development of Science and Society of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (I960), and the James Watt Medal of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (1967). More on him HERE(pdf)

Method of Coordinates : A. S. Smogorzhevsky
Methods of Metallurgical Experiments B. Linchwevsky
Microbiology : K. Pyatkin, Yu. Krivoshein
Mining of Ores and Non-Metallic Minerals : M. Agoshkov, S. Borisov, Y. Boyarsky
Mining Mechanical Engineering : R. Khadzhikov
Monte Carlo Methods : I. M. Sobol
Mystery of mineralogy : B.I. Srebrodolsky

Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Reactors by A. Klimov (Apollon Nikolaevich Klimov)

Translated from the Russian by O. Rudnitskaya, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
Secind Reprint in 1981 of the 1975 English Translation, Hard Bound, 404 Pages.


Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Reactors : V. E. Levin
Numerical-Analytic Methods of Investigating Periodic Solutions : A. M. Samoilenko, N. I. Ronto
Nurse's Handbook : M.V. Milich and S.N. Lap

Occupational Health and safety in Manufacturing Industries : M. K. Poltev
Optical Instrumentation, Theory and Design
Optimal Operation of Power Plants and Electric Systems : V. Venikov and others
Ordinary Differential Equations : M. L. Krasnov
Origin and Chemical Evolution of Earth : G. V. Voitkevich
Our Planet the Earth : A. V. Byalko

Physical Chemistry, Volumes 1 and 2 by Ya. Gerasimov, V. Dreving, E. Eremin, A. Kiselev, V. Lebedev, G. Panchenkov, A. Shlygin

Edited by Prof. Ya. Gerasimov, Corr. Member, USSR Acad. Sc., Volume 2, Translated from the Russian by G. Lieb, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
Third Printing 1985 of the 1974 English Translation, Volume 2 Hard Bound, 624 Pages.

The first volume deals with the fundamentals of chemical thermodynamics, thermodynamics of solutions, chemical and heterogeneous equilibria, and surface phenomena and adsorption. A special chapter is devoted to gas chromatography. The second volume deals with the kinetics of chemical reactions, chain reactions, reactions in electrical discharges, catalysis, electrochemistry, electromotive forces and chemical sources of current. The size of the book is due mainly to the fact that the authors did everything possible to set out the fundamentals and their mutual relationship as understandable as possible. The mathematical deductions are given in sufficient detail, and in a simple manner.

The book is intended for students of chemical faculties of universities, and will also be found useful by post-graduate students and teachers of physical chemistry. The authors presume that the book will be understood by readers who are studying physical chemistry for the first time and have a knowledge of mathematics and physics within the scope of the usual courses in these subjects adhered to by chemical faculties.

(Contents: Volume 1-Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, Thermodynamics of Solutions, Chemical Eguilibria, Chemical Thermodynamics, Heterogeneous Phase Equilibria, Surface Phenomena, Adsorption, Gas Chromatography. Volume 2-Kinetics of Chemical Reactions, Chain Reactions, Reactions in Electrical Discharges, Catalytic Reactions, Electrochemistry, Electromotive Forces, Chemical Sources of Current.)

About the Authors: The present two volumes of Physical Chemistry were written by well-known scientist in the field, the late prof. Yakov Gerasimov, D.Sc., corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the late Vladimir Dreving, Cand. Sc., the late prof. Evgeni Eremin, D.Sc., the late prof. Georgi Panchenkov, D.Sc., and prof. Aleksander Shlygin, D.Sc., under the general editorship of Ya. Gerasimov.
Yakov Gerasimov headed the chair of physical chemistry at the Moscow State University. His works in the field of research are devoted to the investigation of the thermodynamic characteristics of metal sulphides and oxides, the salt of rare metals, liquid and solid metal alloys, semiconductors and compositions of thermal-insulating materials. He also devoted much time to the history and methods of chemistry, and authored over 150 publications, including numerous monographs, textbooks and articles on physical chemistry.
He was a titular member of the Commission on Symbols, Terminology and Units of the Division of Physical Chemistry of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry from 1963 to 1965.

Physical Chemistry of Polymers by A. Tager (Anna Tager)

Translated from the Russian by David Sobolov and Nicholas Bobrov, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1978 English Edition, Hard Bound, 654 Pages.


Physical Metallurgy of Platinum Metals : E. Savitsky, V. Polyakova, N. Gorina, N. Roshan

Physical Paradoxes and Sophisms by V. N. Lange

Translated from the Russian by Valerii Ilyushchenko, Cand. Sc. (Phys.-Math.), MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1987 English Translation from the Revised 1978 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 232 Pages.

A collection of paradoxes and sophisms, i.e. false but deceptive arguments, varying in theme and difficulty, this book covers all the branches and subjects of physics, e.g. mechanics, thermodynamics, molecular physics, electricity, magnetism, optics, and atomic structure. All the propositions are resolved or answered in a concise manner. Written tor a large readership, including older school pupils.
(Contents: Mechanics, Heat and Molecular Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics and Atomic Structure).

Physical Principles of Plastic Deformation : P. Polukhin

Physics and Geometry of Disorder by A. L. Efros
Percolation Theory

Translated from the Russian by V. I. Kisin, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1986 English Translation from the Revised 1982 Russian Edition, Hard Bound, 264 Pages.

(Contents: Site Percolation Problem, Percolation Threshold, Basic Rules for Calculating Probabilities. Continuous Random Variables, Infinite Cluster, Solution of Site Percolation Problem by Monte Carlo Computer Techniques, Various Problems of Percolation Theory and Their Applications, Problems on Two-Dimensional Lattices, Three-Dimensional Lattices and Approximate Evalualion of Percolation Thresholds, Ferromagnetics with Long Range Interaction. The Sphere Problem, Electric Conduction of Impurity Semiconductors. The Sphere Problem, Various Generalizations of the Sphere Problem, Percolation Level, Critical Behavior of Various Quantities Near Percolation Threshold. Infinite Cluster Geometry, The Bethe Lattice, Structure of Infinite Clusters, Hopping Electric Conduction, Final Remarks).

Physics and Maths can be Fun : Y. I. Perelman
Physics for Everyone by L. D Landau and A. Kitaigorodsky, 'Motion Heat' and Volume1(Physical Bodies), Volume 2(Molecules), Volume 3(Electrons) and Volume 4(Photons and Nuclei)
Physics of Magnetic Semiconductors : E. Nagaev
Physics of Weakly Ionized Gases : B. Smirnov
Physiology for Everyone : B.F. Sergeev
Plant Growing in Tropics and Subtropics : G. V. Ustimenko-Bakumovsky
Plugging Materials and the Cementing of Wells : Bulatov
Post Machines : V.A. Uspensky
Practical Bench Work : N. Makienko
A Practical Course in Machine Design : D Chernilevsky
Practical Guide to Surveying : V.L. Assur
Practical Inorganic Chemistry : Edited by V. Spitsyn
Price of Truth : D. N. Triponov
A Primer of Chemical Labortary Practice : I. Tikunova, A. Artmenko, V. Malevanny
Probabilities of the Quantum World : Daniel Danin
Problems and Exercises in Integral Equations : M. L. Krasnov, G.I. Makareno, A. I. Kiselev
Problems and Exercises in General Chemistry
Problems and Exercises in Physical Chemistry : E.V. Kiselyova, G.S. Karetnikov, I.V. Kudryashov
Problems and Exercises in the Calculus of Variations : M. L. Krasnov, G.I. Makareno, A. I. Kiselev
Problems and Laboratory Experiments in Inorganic Chemistry : N. Akhmetov
Problems in Crystal Physics with Solutions : N. V. Perelomova, M. M. Tagieva
Problems in Elementary Physics: B. I. Bhukhovtsev, V. Krivchenkov, C. Myakishev, V. Shalnov
Problems in General Physics: I. Irodov
Problems in General Physics: V. S. Wolkenstein
Problems in Geometry : A. Kutepov and A. Rubanov
Problems in Heat Transfer : N. Krasnoshchevo and A. Seekomal
Problems in Mathematics with Hints and Solutions : V. Govorov, P. Dybov, N. Miroshin, S. Smirnova
Problems in Physicochemical Methods of Analysis : Yu. Lyalikov, M. Bulatov, V. Bodyu, S. Krachun
Problems in Physics : V. Zubov and V. Shalnov
Problems in Plane Geometry

Problems in Solid Geometry by I. F. Sharygin

Translated from the Russian by Leonid Levant, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1986 English Translation, Revised from the 1984 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 248 Pages.

(Contents: Computational Problems, Problems on Proof, Problems on Extrema. Geometric Inequalities, Loci of Points, Answers, Hints, Solutions).

Problems in Solid State Physics : Edited by A.M. Prokhorov and A.S. Prokhorov
The Progeny of Volcanoes : P.N. Erofeev
Programming and Algorithmic Languages : A. Khmelnitsky
Proof in Geometry : A. Fetisev
Pumps Fans Compressors : V. M. Cherkassky

Puppets Without Strings by V. I. Varshavsky and D. A. Pospelov
Reflections on the Evolution and Control of Some Man-Made Systems

Translated from the Russian by A. Kandaurov, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1988 English Translation, Revised from the 1984 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 296 Pages, ISBN 5-03-000272-3 5030002723

(Contents: Decentralized Control: the Whys and Wherefores, Is It Easy to Exist in a Contradictory World, "How Comes This Gentle Concord in the World", Jump the Queue and Call It Fair!, Stringless Puppets Make a Show, Dialectics of the Simple and the Complex).

Quantum Electro-dynamics : A. A. Sukovlov

Radio Circuits and Signals : I. S. Gonorovsky

Radio Measurements by F. Kushnir

Translated from the Russian by Boris Kuznetsov, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1978 Printing of the Revised 1975 Russian Edition, Hard Bound, 284 Pages.

The book presents a systematic exposition of methods and techniques used in the measurement of circuit parameters, operating conditions, frequency, modulation, nonlinear distortion and field strength. The material also covers the design and operating principles of applicable instruments along with relevant equations and charts.


Radio Transmitter Design, edited by Vagan V. Shakhgildyan

Translated from the Russian by Boris Kuznetsov, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1987 Printing of the Revised 1984 Russian Edition, Hard Bound, 488 Pages.

When doing his design study, the student often runs into difficulties because the transmitter design poses a multitude of problems varying in complexity and in the matters involved. It is the objective of this book to help him overcome these difficulties, specially as regards the design of the most critical sections and circuits of a transmitter. In the simpler cases the authors refer the student to other published sources. Thus, this is not a stand-alone book, and it could hardly have been so. For one thing, it would be unreasonable even to try to cover all the problems arising in radio transmitter design the more so that any of these problems can be solved in more than one way. For another, no attempt has been made to give all the data on tubes, transistors, and other hardware. Rather, the book outlines general approaches and basic guidelines for transmitter design (the choice of a circuit configuration, element values, operating conditions, etc.) and includes a sizeable number of design equations and tables with a word of caution-as to their applicability. Also the authors have presumed that the reader will have a working knowledge of radio transmitter theory, so many relations and equations are given without derivation or proof.

(Contents: An Outline of Transmitter Design, Calculation of Operating Conditions for the Tube and Transistorized Amplifier Stages of Transmitters, Low-Frequency and Medium-Frequency Radio Transmitters, High-Frequency Radio Broadcasting Transmitters, Calculation of Operating Conditions for the Stages of AM Broadcasting Radio Transmitters, Modulators for Radio Broadcasting Transmitters, Single-Sideband HF Transmitters, Radio Transmitter Exciters, VHF UHF and SHF Power Amplifiers and Oscillators, Coaxial Resonators, VHF and UHF Television Picture Transmitters, FM Radio Broadcasting and Television Sound Transmitters, Klystron Transmitters for Tropospheric Scatter and Satellite Communications and Television, Transmitters for Microwave Radio Relay Systems).

Radio Transmitters : V. V. Shakhgildyan
Reinforced Concrete Technology and Practice : A. Tretyakov, M. Rozhnenko
Reliability of Machines : D. Reshetov, A. Ivanov, V. Fadeev
Remotely controlled Robots and Manipulators
Repair of Farming Machinery
Repair of Industrial Equipment : B. Golberg
Repair of Metal Cutting Machine : G. Peketts
Road and Building Materials (set of 2 books)
Robotics : E.P. Popov

Satellite and Typhoon Eye-to-Eye by S. Baibakov and A. Martynov

Translated from the Russian by Natalia Wadhwa, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1987 English Translation, Revised from the 1986 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 256 Pages.

(Contents: Atmospheric and Ocean Research from Satellite Orbit, Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Ocean, Models of Tropical Cyclones, Operational Detection of Tropical Cyclones from Satellite Orbit, Scientific Instrument Deployment from Orbit into Tropical Cycolone).

Selected Questions and Problems in Physics : R. Gladkova, N. Kutylovskaya

Semiconductor Devices by V. Stupelman and G. Filaretov

Translated from the Russian by P. Ivanov, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
Second printing in 1981 of the Revised 1973 Russian Edition, Hard Bound, 270 Pages.

The book discusses the principles of most widely used semiconductor devices and physical processes determining their characteristics. The coverage also includes the design, electric parameters and fields of application of semiconductors. Much consideration is given to the design features and principles of fabrication of a variety of integrated circuits. Detailed analysis is presented on the modern state of semiconductor electronics and the trends of its development. For a better understanding of semiconductor operation, the first two chapters are devoted to the contact phenomena in p-n junctions. The book is intended for students of technical schools and will also be useful to college students.

(Contents: Contact Phenomena in Semiconductors, Electron-Hole Junction, Diodes, Special Diodes, Transistor: Principles and Characteristics, Transistor as a Fourpole, Transistor Types and Applications, Field-Effect and Unijunction Transistors, Thermoelectric and Galvanomagnetic Devices, Photodevices, Integrated Circuits, Semiconductor Technology Today Trends of Development).

Setting Up Of Grinding Machines : G Lorie, V Komissarzhevskaya

Silhouettes of Chemistry by D. N. Trifonov and L. G. Vlasov

Translated from the Russian by David Sobolev and Andrei Konyaev, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
First English Translation of the Second Russian Edition, 1987, Soft Bound, 296 Pages.

The authors of this book have endeavoured to touch upon the most important and interesting problems of chemistry. Their book describes and explains the structure of the Periodic System of elements; It guides you through a kind of chemical museum full of curious exhibits; it tells of the intricate substances chemists have produced and how they have learned to work even with single atoms of the elements; it acquaints you with the various chemical professions and shows how chemistry has penetrated all spheres of human activity.
Reading these short but instructive stories about the exciting discoveries of chemistry will urge you to find out more about this fascinating science and to take up chemistry seriously.

(Contents: Instead of a preface, The inhabitants of the big house, Snake with its tail in its mouth, A chemical museum, With its eyes, Chemistry spreads wide, A long afterword).

Situational Grammer : M. I. Dubrovin
Sky will be Blue : G. Gordon
Sliding Modes and their Application in Variable Structure Systems : V. I. Utkin
Soil Mechanics : N. Tsytovich
Solving Equations in Integers : A. O. Gelfond
Something Called Nothing : R.G. Podolney
Steam and Gas Turbines : Edited by A. Kostyuk and V. Frolov
Straight Lines and Curves : N. Vasilyev and V. Gutenmacher
Strength of Materials : A. Kozachenko, Yu. Bart, A. Rubtsov
Structural Mechanics : Edited by Professor A. Darkov
Switch Gear and Protective Gear, Repair and Maintenance : V. Kamnev
Switchgear Installation : M. Kireyev, A. Kovarsky

Terrestrial Oceans and Lunar Maria : G. F. Makarenko
Testing and Adjustment of Steam Boilers
Textbook of Obstetrics : V.I. Bodyanshina
The Wonderful Wizard of Magnesia : M.G. Mneyan
Theoretical Electro Chemistry : L.I. Antropov
Theory of Automatic Control
Theory of Elasticity : M. Filonenko-Borodich
Theory of ElectroMagnetic Field : K. Polivanov
Theory of Metallurgical Process : S. Filippov
This Chancy-Chancy Chancy World : L. Rastrigin
Tractors And Automobiles : V. Rodichev
Trigonometric Functions (Problem Solving Approach) : A. Panchishkin, E. Shavgulidze
Tropical and Sub Tropical Soil Science
Typical Examples and Problems in Metal Cutting and Tool Design: N. Nefedov and K. Osipov

Universal Physical Constants : O.P. Spiridonov
An Unusual Algebra : I. M. Yaglom
Urology of Child : N. A. Lopatkin, A. G. Pugachev

What is the Theory of Relativity : L. Landau, Yu. Rumer
The World of Amphibians

The Wonderful World of Magnesia by M. G. Mneyan

Translated from the Russian by G. G. Egorov, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
1987 English Translation from the Revised 1985 Russian Edition, Soft Bound, 160 Pages.

(Contents: Introduction, Meet the Magnet, The Many-faceted Magnet, The Magnet Memorizes, The Magnet Gains Power, The Magnet Controls, Plasma in Magnetic Harness).

Wooden and Plastic structures
Wool Spinning : volumes 1 and 2 : Ya Lipenkov
Worked Examples and Problems in Applied Electricity : M. Zaichik


All over the globe
Ambassador Without Credentials : Sergei Snegov
And Bridges Spanned the Waters' Width : 1975, Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad, Compiled By Ye. Pliukhin and A. Punin

Anna Karenina by Lev Tolstoy
Books 1 & 2, Eight Parts in Two Voulmes, Translated by Margaret Wetlin, Illustrated by Orest Vereisky

Third Printing, 1987 Raduga Publishers, Moscow, Hard Bound, 518+438 pages, ISBN 5-05-001571-5, 5-05-001573-1, 5-05-001572-3, 5050015715, 5050015731, 5050015723

A distinguishing feature of Anna Karenina is the novel's trueness of life. The readers recognised themselves and their contemporaries in its characters and found a response in it to all the most important events of that time. It was one of the most complex periods in Russian history, when, after the abolition of serfdom, in Tolstoy's own words, "everything had been overturned and was only just beginning to fall into place"-the activities of the Zemstvos, the military reforms, education, the reaction of Russian society to the struggle of the Slav peoples for liberation from the Turkish yoke and so on, together with the more specific and personal details of life at various levels of Moscow and St. Petersburg society and of the Russian countryside.

"This novel, which is precisely that-a novel, the first in my life, has really gripped me, I am wholly absorbed in it..." Tolstoy wrote in May 1873 as he began Anna Karenina. Contemporaries were struck by the "every-dayness" of the book that followed War and Peace. Here Tolstoy combined free and unfettered narrative with a view of life integrally his own. Ivan Goncharov, the patriarch of Russian novelists, said about it: "This is something quite without precedent, a pioneering work. Is there any writer among us who can match it? And who in Europe can offer anything of the kind?" It was an opinion endorsed by Dostoyevsky who found in Tolstoy's novel "a tremendous psychological handling of the human soul" and a realism of portrayal such as had never been seen before. Time has confirmed these contemporary judgements. Anna Karenina has become one of the greatest social novels in world literature.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky found in Anna Karenina "everything of any importance in our currant Russian political and social issues, and concentrated in one place." Vladimir Korolenko, wrote: "Tolstoy's world is a world flooded with sunlight, simple and bright, in which all the reflections, in size, proportion and light and shade, correspond to the phenomena of reality."

I did not hesitate to name Anna Karenina the greatest social novel of all time-Thomas Mann
He sees the world from behind the scenes of politics and society, whilst most of us are sitting to be gulled in the pit-George Bernard Shaw
If a man could but write like Tolstoy and have all the world listen to him! -Theodore Dreiser

Artistic Truth and Dialectics of Creative Work : Vassily Novikov
Asya, First Love, Spring Torrents : Ivan Turgenev

The Chariot of Time : Yuri Medvedev
Childhood : Maxim Gorky
Childhood, Adolescence, Youth : Lev Tolstoy
Collected Works: Alexei Tolstoy Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 6
Collected Works: Anton Chekhov
Collected Works : Maxim Gorky Volume 1(Selected Stories), 2(Foma Gordeyev), 3(Mother), 4(Plays), 5(The Life of Matvei Kozhemyakin, 6(Tales of Italy. Childhood), 7(My Apprenticeship, My Universities), 8(The Artamonovs), 9(Literary Portraits), 10(On Literature)
Collected Works : Mikhail Sholokhov Volumes 1 to 8

De Gaulle : His Life and Work : Nikolai Molchanov
Destruction of Faena : A. Kazantsva Folk
The Doubles : Vladmir Mikhanovsky
Dubrovsky, A Novel : Alexander Pushkin

Engineer Garin and His Death Ray : Alexei Tolstoy

Father and Sons : Ivan Turgenev
Folk Tales of the British Isles

General Chernyakhovsky : A. Sharipov

The Government Inspector and Selected Stories by Nikolai Gogol
The Government Inspector, Comedy in Five Acts, Translated by Christopher English and Gordon Mcdougall, Selected Stories Translated by Christopher English

Designed by Pyotr Ivashchenko. 1989 Raduga Publishers, Moscow, Hard Bound, 318 pages, ISBN 5-05-002437-4, 5050024374

In The Government Inspector I decided to gather in one pile all the bad in Russia of which I was then aware, all the injustices which are committed in those places, and on those occasions where justice above all is demanded of man, and at the same time, to laugh at everything. -Nikolai Gogol

Gogol was a strange creature, but genius is always strange; it is only your healthy second-rater who seems to the grateful reader to be a wise old friend, nicely developing the reader's own notions of life. Great literature skirts the irrational. "Hamlet" is the wild dream of a neurotic scholar. Gogol's "The Overcoat" (in our edition "The Greatcoat"-Ed.) is a grotesque and grim nightmare making black holes in the dim pattern of life. The superficial reader of that story will merely see in it the heavy frolics of an extravagant buffoon; the solemn reader will take for granted that Gogol's prime intention was to denounce the horrors of Russian bureaucracy. But neither the person who wants a good laugh, nor the person who craves for books "that make one think" will understand what "The Overcoat" is really about. Give me the creative reader; this is a tale for him. Steady Pushkin, matter-of-fact Tolstoy, restrained Chekhov have all had their moments of irrational insight which simultaneously blurred the sentence and disclosed a secret meaning worth the sudden focal shift. But with Gogol this shifting is the very basis of his art, so that whenever he tried to write in the round hand of literary tradition and to treat rational ideas in a logical way he lost all trace of talent. When, as in his immortal "Overcoat", he really let himself go and pottered happily on the brink of his private abyss, he became the greatest artist that Russia has yet produced. -Vladimir Nabokov

It has been a long time since the world has produced a writer of such importance for his people, as Gogol was for Russia... He told us who we are, what we lack, what we should aim for, abhor and love. All his life he fought passionately against ignorance and rudeness ... he was fired by a single goal-the thought of serving his country. -Nikolai Chernyshevsky

CONTENTS: Foreword. Nikolai Gogol. By S. Mashinsky, The Government Inspector, Nevsky Prospekt, The Nose, The Portrait, The Greatcoat, Diary of a Madman, Notes

Grass and Stone, selected poems : Kaisyn Kuliev

A Hunter's Sketches : Ivan Turgenev

Ivan by Vladmir Bogomolov

Translated from the Russian by Bernard Isaacs, Drawings by Orest Vereisky.
1987 Raduga Publishers, Moscow, Soft Bound, 168 pages, ISBN 5-05-001153-1 5050011531.

Lenin, Life and Work : by V. Zevin and G. Golikov
Lev Tolstoy : Victor Shklovsky

Mikhail Sholokhov Vol. 6 and 8
My Apprenticeship, My Universities : Maxim Gorky
Mother : Maxim Gorky

On Literature : Maxim Gorky

Plutonia by Vladmir Obruchev

Translated from the Russian by Fainna SOLASKO, RADUGA PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
Second Priting 1988, ISBN 5-05001691-6, Soft Bound, 408 Pages.

(Contents: Author's Note, A Surprise Offer, A Conference in Moscow, Journey's Start, The Country of Smoking Volcanoes, Bering Strait, Seeking the Unknown Land, Fridtjof Nansen Land, Over the Russian Ridge, The Endless Descent, The Strange Position of the Sun, The Polar Tundra, The Moving Hills, The Uninvited Guest, Trukhanov's Letter, The Land of Perpetual Light, The Uninvited Grave-diggers, Down the Maksheyev River, Hunting the Hunter, Adventures on the Hill, How to Fly, A Tropical Storm, The Moving Hillock, Pluto Gets Dimmer, Monstrous Lizards and Toothed Birds, The Swamp and Lake District, The Sea of Lizards, Crossing the Sea, Maksheyev's Billions, A Forest of Horsetail, Carnivorous and Herbivorous Lizards, The Pterodactyl Gorge, Robbed, Tracking the Thieves, The Rulers of the Jurassic World, Could They Enter the Ant-hill?, Into the Black Desert, Into Satan's Crater, The Roaring Volcano, The End of the Ant-hill, Sailing West, Supermonsters, Kashtanov's Fire-ship, Battle with the Ants, The End of the Second Ant-hill, Into the Interior Once More, Old Grouchy's Jokes, Trapped, Sailing Back, The Mysterious Tracks, In the Abandoned Hut, Following the Trail, Freeing the Captives, The Primitive People Attack, The Captives' Story, Back on the Hill, Across the Ice, A Scientific Talk, Epilogue, A Word about the Author).

Plays : Alexander Ostrovsky

Resurrection : Lev Tolstoy
The Road to life Part I and II : A. Makarenko
The Russian Forest, 2 books set : Leonid Leonov

The Same Old Story : Ivan Goncharov
Sannikov Land : Vladimir Obruchev
Selected works : Alexander Pushkin, Volumes 1 and 2
Selected works : Mikhail Lermontov
Selected verse : V. Mayakovsky Volume 1

Soviet Russian Literature 1917 to 1977 Peotry and Prose, Selected Reading
Compiled by Yuri Andreyev, Introductory articles and biographical notes also by Yuri Andreyev.
Translated from the Russian, Designed by Vladimir Vagin.
Printed and Translated by Progress Publishers, 1980, Hard Bound 879 pages.

This anthology will introduce a wide English-speaking public to Soviet literature. It represents sixty poets and prose writers who have contributed to the development of Soviet Russian literature. The material is divided into two main periods: 1917-1941, and 1941-1977, each being supplied with an introduction. Furthermore, there is a foreword in which the main characteristics of the literature of Socialist Realism are outlined. The book also contains biographical notes on the authors.

[CONTENTS: Part One 1917-1941, Publishers' Note, The History and Main Feature of Soviet Literature, Between Two World Wars
POETRY: Alexander Blok (The Twelve), Vladimir Mayakovsky (Left March, Kindness to Horses, It, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Brooklyn Bridge, Khrenov's Story of Kuznetskstroy and Its Builders), Sergei Yesenin ("I don't sorrow, I don't weep or call", "The golden grove is silent", Soviet Rus, Letter to My Mother, Letter to a Woman), Anna Akhmatova ("When in a suicidal anguish", "I'm not one of those abdicators", "It's delightful here: vibrant the air", The Muse, The First Shelling of Leningrad, Courage) Boris Pasternak (Nineteen Hundred and Five, Winter's Night, "In everything I seek to grasp", "It's unbecoming to be famous") Valery Bryusov (Work), Demyan Bedny (I Serve No Muse, The Seeing-off Velimir Khlebnikov, To the Youth League Eduard Bagritsky, Death of a Young Pioneer), Nikolai Tikhonov ("Festive, gay, possessed of crazy itches", Perekop, Kirov Is with Us), Mikhail Svetlov (Granada, Immortality, In Hospital), Vladimir Lugovskoi (The Kremlin Cadets' New Year's Ball, Introduction to the Poem "The Middle of the Century", The Woman I Had Known) Mikhail Isakovsky (Katyusha, To the Russian Woman, On High- Birds of Passage)
PROSE: Maxim Gorky (Childhood, My Apprenticeship), Alexander Serafimovich (The Iron Flood), Dmitry Furmanov (Chapayev), Vsevolod Ivanov (The Rushes), Boris Lavrenyov (The Forty First), Alexander Fadeyev (The Rout), Alexei Tolstoy (Ordeal), Mikhail Sholokhov (Quiet Flows the Don), Fyodor Gladkov (Cement), Mikhail Prishvin (Ginseng), Yuri Tynyanov (Second Lieutenant Snamely), Mikhail Bulgakov (The Master and Margarita), Andrei Platonov (The Third Son), Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov (The Golden Calf), Nikolai Ostrovsky (How the Steel Was Tempered)
Part Two, 1941-1977, On the Dialectics of Contemporary Russian Literature
PROSE: Boris Polevoi (A Story About a Real Man), Konstantin Fedin (The Conflagration), Konstantin Simonov (The Living and the Dead), Grigory Baklanov (The Cost of War), Konstantin Paustovsky (A Basket of Fir Cones), Vera Panova (Seryozha), Vsevolod Kochetov (The Zhurbins), Leonid Leonov (The Russian Forest), Yuri Nagibin (The Rendezvous), Fyodor Abramov (Two Winters and Three Summers), Vassili Shukshin (The Suraz), Gleg Kuvayev (The Territory), Sergei Zalygin (The South-American Version), Valentin Rasputin (Live and Remember), Georgi Markov (Ivan Yegorych's Land), Ivan Yefremov (Cor Serpentis), Daniil Granin (A Return Ticket), Marietta Shaginyan (Christmas at Sorrento)
POETRY: Alexander Tvardovsky (Vassili Tyorkin), Olga Bergholtz (February Diary, Indian Summer, Before the Separation, Anna Akhmatova in Leningrad in 1941) Alexander Prokofiev ("I couldn't live happy a day long without you", "Count the glimmering stars and the lustrous", "How imposing this mast timber grove!", A Few More Words About Work, Russia's Founded on Granite), Yaroslav Smelyakov ("Should I fall ill", The Spinner, You Fair Ladies of the Russian Land, The Judge), Nikolai Zabolotsky (In This Grove of White Birches, I Do Not Look for Harmony in Nature, The Ugly Little Girl), Leonid Martynov (Traces, The Water, Primogeniture), Boris Slutsky (The Bath-House, "The Battleship Potyomkin", My Comrades, At a Children's Art Exhibition), Alexei Surkov ("Restless flames twist and toss in the stove", Pass Round the Hat), Mikhail Lukonin (I Shall Come to You, Apropos of Women, Sleep, Dear People), Vassili Fyodorov (The State-Farm Hamlet, "Be venturesome!", "A greybeard", Stone Inscription), Andrei Voznesensky (Parabolical Ballad, Autumn in Sigulda, Longjumeau), Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Do the Russians Want a War?, Perfection, "Halves are no use to me!", "Steadily fall the white snows", The Mother), Robert Rozhdestvensky (Thunder Shower, Requiem, A Man, On Being Bought) ].

Stories : Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Tales from the British Isles
Ten days That shook the World : John Read
Tales of Sevastopol, The Cossacks : Lev Tolstoy
Theft from a Provincial Museum : Irina Strelkova
Tower of Birds

Voice of Herald
Virgin Soil Upturned Volumes I and II : Mikhail Sholokhov M.
Vladimir llyich Lenin (A Poem) : V. Mayakovsky

What is to be Done : Nikolai Chernyshevsky
When Questions are Asked, Stories

The Young Guard Volumes I and II, Alexander Fadeyev


The ABC of Chess : V. Grishin and E. Ilyin

An A-Z of Cosmonautics by V. Gor'kov and Yu Avdeev
A Book on Outer Space.

Translated from Russian by K. Ford, Design and Illustrations: V. Stulikov, E. Ilatovsky

1989 English Translation of the Revised 1984 Russian edition, MIR PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
Hard Bound, 192 Pages, ISBN: 5-03-000181-6 5030001816

(Contents: The Earth and its Neighbours, On the Threshold of Outer Space, On the Way to Outer Space, Orbital Spaceships and Space Probes, Keeping Watch in Space, Satellites and Interplanetary Stations).

About Little Mouse That was a Cat a Dog and a Tiger
The Adventures of Captain Wrungel (Adventures of Captain Vrungel) : Andrei Nekrasov
The Adventures of Dennis : Victor Dragunsky
Adventures of Dunno volumes 1 to 30
The Adventures of Sipsik
Adversity Teaches
Alistar : A Moldavian Folk Tale
Alyonushka, Russian Folk Tales
Alyonushka and Her Little Brother Ivanushka
The Ambhibian : Alexander Belyaev
Animal Babies
Animals on a Pedestal : Yuri Dmitriyev
Ant and Astronaut : A. Mitayev

Babies of the Zoo : Samuil Marshak, Alexei Laptev
Barankin's Fantasy World : Valery Medvedev

The Blind Musician by Vladimir Korolenko


Third Printing 1987, ISBN 5-05-001162-0, Hard Bound, 136 Pages.

The Blue cup
A Boy by the Sea : Nikolai Dubov
Boys : A Chekhov
Brother Months : Mikhailo Kotsyubinsky
Builders in the Wild
The Bull and the Frog : Lev Tolstoy
Bumpy : Luts C
Bunny in Trouble
Buzzy-Wuzzy Busy Fly
Cardboard Clock Square : L. Yakhnin

Cat Maxim the Trickster
A Byelorussian Folk Tale

Translated from the Byelorussian by M. Kazakova, Edited by M. Mintz, Illustrated by M. Karpenko.
Yunatstva Publishers, Minsk, 1982, Soft Bound, 24 Pages.

Chestnut Grey : Bulatov M.
Childrens Picture Stories : Nikolai Radlov
Choice for Children

Christmas Eve Fairy Tales
Compiler A.N. Malei, Illustrations by S.A. Volkov, Translation by TV. Kudreyko, W. Richenko, S.V. Rusakevich

MINSK, © Malei A.N., compilation, 2012, © Volkov S.A., illustrations, 2012 © Kudreyko T.V., Richenko V.V., Rusakevict S.V., translation from Russian, 2012 © Design. PUE Publishing House "Belarusian Encyclopedia named after Petrus Brovka", 2012, ISBN 978-985-11-0658-1 9789851106581

The book contains the most popular fairy tales and riddles devoted to the brighter and the most cheerful holiday - to Christmas. It is recommended to be read to children by grown-ups.

CONTENTS: A Small Fir Tree (A Russian Fairy Tale), A Hare's Hut (A Russian Fairy Tale), A Winter Hut (A Russian Fairy Tale), Frost and a Hare (A Russian Fairy Tale), Snegurushka and a Fox (A Russian Fairy Tale), Two Frosts (A Belarusian Fairy Tale), How Peasant Dealt Shortly with Frost (A Belarusian Fairy Tale), Who is stronger (A Russian Fairy Tale), The Frost, the Sun and the Wind (A Russian Fairy Tale), Alyonushka, Ivanushka and Grandfather Frost (A Russian Fairy Tale), Morozko (A Russian Fairy Tale), The Snow Maiden (A Russian Fairy Tale), The Twelve months (by S. Marshak), A visit to Grandfather Frost (by V. Odoyevsky), Grandfather Frost (by V. Odoyevsky), The Fir Tree (by H.Ch. Anderson), Mother Snowstorm (by Grimm Brothers), A Winter Fairy Tale (by Z. Topelius), Riddles.

Cock the roach : Kornei Chukovsky
A Colourful Posy: Holger Pukk
Cossack Mamariha : Ukranian Folk Tale
Courageous Heart : Boris Larrenyov
Crimson Sails : A. Garin

Daughter of the Moon and Son of the Sun
December Days : Vera Morozova
The Dog Family
Dog in His Pocket : Heljumand
Duffer's New Adventures : A. Busuioc
Duno's Adventures up in the Clouds
Dunno(Duno) Takes Music Lessons : Nosov

The Eagle : Lafit Makhmudov
The Ear of Corn
Eleven Stories for Boys and Girls : Nikolai Nosov
Everyone likes to Draw

Fairy Tales : Kornei Chukovsky
The Fir Tree
The Fire Bird
The First Days of the October
The Fisherman and the Gold Fish : A. Pushkin
Forest Homes : Vitaly Bianki
Fox and the Crane : Lev Tolstoy

The Fox and the Hare
A Russian Folk Tale

Retold in English by Irina Zheleznova, Drawings by Evgeni Rachev.
Soft Bound, 12 Pages, ISBN: 5-05-002833-7 5050028337

The Fox and the Hare (another version)
The Fox Plays the Bear a Trick : Ion Creanga
Friends : Andrei Nekrasov
The Frog Went Travelling : V. Garshin
From the Bonfire to the Reactor : Alexei Krylov
General Sparrow : Vasil Vikta
Geology in Pictures : Anatoli Chlenov
The Golden Goblet : Kayum Tangrykuliev
Grand Family : Nadezdna
Grandpa Glasses : Georgi Yurmin
Grandpa Mazai and the Hares : N. Kolai

Grasshopper the Little Soldier by Oleg Tikhomirov
Translated from Russian by Miriam Katz, Illustrated by Victor Kirilov.

1985 English Translation of the 1974 Russian Edition, RADUGA PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
Hard Bound, 157 Pages, ISBN: 5-05-000058-0 5050000580

(CONTENTS: Author's Foreword, If I Had a Magic Wand, Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Mikhei Mikheyevich and His Cookies, Runaway, Fyodor the Apprentice, or a Viper in the Bosom, "War!..", The Student Kostya, Poring Over a Book, The Lieutenant's Little Batman, Cook, Scribe and Scout, In a Listening Post, The Hospital Train, Behind a Counter, October, An Empty Revolver, "...My Barricade").

Grishka and Astronaut : A. Mityayev
Gugutse's Hat : S. Vangeli

A Handful of stars(stories by soviet writers)
Hedgehog and the Rabbit and the Vixen Crab: Ivan Franko
Hedgehog Gloves
Helpless can't do
The Hermit and the Rose : Boris Zakhoder
Hidey holes in the Forest
Hill of Tulips : Latif Makhmudov
The Horned Lamb
How Duno Became a Poet
How Duno Made a Ballon
How Duno Took a Ride in Soda Water Car
How People Discovered the Shape of the Earth : Anatoly Tomilin Translated By Diana Miller
How the Animals Live : Y. Charushin
How Vova Changed His Ways: Agnia Barto Illustrated by V. Losin, Y. Monin and V. Pertsov. Translated by Irina Zheleznova.
A Hunter and a Fisherman

In the Hospital
In the Land of the Sunbeam Bunnies, A Fairy Tale : Vsevolod Nestaiko
In the Land of White Nights, stories, essays. legends
In the Lenin museum
In the Lenin museum(another version)
In the Van : Samuil Marshak
The India Rubber boy(Russian Classic Stories for children)
Ivan : Vladmir Bogomolov
Ivan-The-Dawn-born, A Byelorussian Folk Tale

Kids and Cubs : O. Perovskaya

The lay of the warfare waged by Igor
Lets draw and Point Book- all parts
Life with Granny Kandiki : Anna Garf
Lions and Sailing Ships : Svyatoslav Sakharnov
The Lion and the Dog : Lev Tolstoy
Little Arthur's Sun, Two Armenian Stories : Hadjak Gyulnazaryan
The Little Black Hen : Antoni Pogorelsky
The Little Hare's House : Moldavian Folk Tale
The Little Humpbacked Horse : Pyotr Yershov
Little Ivan : Pavlo Tychyna
Little Natalochka and the Silver Fish : Mikola Trublaini
Little Orphan
The Little Scarlet Flower : Sergei Aksatov
Little Sparrow : Maxim Gorky
Little Straw bull, a Ukrainian Folk Tale
A Live Hat

Maiden Seagull: Dniprova Chaika
Malachite Casket : Pavel Suzhov
Man and Animals : Yuri Dmitriyev

Mark Your Score! compiled and adapted by I. A. Moreva (Isabella Abramovna Moreva)
A Reader for the 4th Form of English Language Schools
Compiled by Isabella Abramovna Moreva, Head Editor : L. M. Uzunov, Editor : V. A. Verkhoglyad, Art Director : L. F. Malyshev, Artist : T. I. Alexeeva, Technical Editor : M. Orlov, Proof Readers A. Semin, N. Uvarov.
Fourth Edition, 1987, MOSCOW "PROSVESHCHENIYE" (Education), Soft Bound, 78 Pages.

The book "Mark Your Score!" Is a series of books published by "PROSVESHCHENIYE" for high school students. This book is compiled with the following English sources: Dorothy Edwards' "My Naughty Little Sister", and Margaret O. Hyde's "Playtime for Nancy".
After each text is given the key to evaluate the reading comprehension. The book also contains an English-Russian dictionary of the key words.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Dear children, This book tells of the adventures of playful little girl Nancy. Why this book is called "Mark Your Score!"? It is called so because this book, after each chapter, has assigments to check your reading comprehension. Further each question of the assignment has points to calculate the total marks in the assignment.
(CONTENTS: MY NAUGHTY LITTLE SISTER, We Go Fishing, My Naughty Little Sister Is Ill, My Naughty Little Sister Makes a Bottle-Tree, My Pretty Doll, My Naughty Little Sister Cuts Out Pictures, We Go to the Zoo, My Naughty Little Sister at the Birthday Party, My Father Looks After My Naughty Little Sister, My Naughty Little Sister Goes to School, The Baby-Tooth, My Naughty Little Sister Goes to the Theatre, My Naughty Little Sister and a Good Girl, My Little Sister Is Five, My Naughty Little Sister Learns to Knit, My Naughty Little Sister and Poor Charlie, My Naughty Little Sister Has School Vacation).

The Marvellous Land of OZ : L. Frank Baum
Masha and Bear
The Masters Christmas Tree : Ostap Vishnya

Maths with Mummy by V. Zhitomirsky, L. Shevrin
Translated by Diana Miller, Edited by Katherine Hamilton, Illustrated by M. Romadin and B. Chuprygin
English Translation, 1980, Hard Bound, 200 Pages, ISBN: 5-05-001159-0, RADUGA PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.

Maths with Mummy introduces young children to mathematics. What should a child learn during this first introduction? Obviously this basic information must include numbers from one to ten, simple mathematical operations using them, and the main geometrical figures. At the same time the modern approach to teaching mathematics is in favour of extending the range of this traditional information to include new concepts such as multitude, relationship (including comparing numbers of different magnitude) and the unknown. We also believe that this initial stage should teach children to distinguish and classify objects according to different characteristics and to add up these combinations when necessary. Children should also learn to develop simple measurement skills.

(CONTENTS: Foreword, How It All Began, The First Notebook, How Lyapa the Donkey Went to Market, The Second Notebook, Exercises, The Third Notebook, Lyapa the Donkey Tells a Story, The Fourth Notebook, Exercises, The Fifth Notebook, How Lyapa the Donkey Built a House, The Sixth Notebook, Exercises, The Seventh Notebook, How Lyapa the Donkey Played Football, The Eighth Notebook, Exercises, The Ninth Notebook, How Lyapa the Donkey Solved Some Problems, The Tenth Notebook, Exercises, Is It Difficult to Learn Maths?).

Mergen and His Friends, A Nanai Folk Tale
Miracles on Wheels : Anatoly Markusha
The Mites of the Flower Town, Dunno #1
The Mitten
Moldavian Folk-Tales
The Most Beautiful Horse : Boris Almazov
Mother Pumpkin and her remarkable Gourd Family
The Mouse and the Pencil : Ivy. Litvinov
Mouse Goes for Water
The Muddle
Multi-coloured Fins : V. Datskevich

My Animal Book by Yevgeny Charushin
Translated from the Russian by Olga Shartse, Drawings by Nikita Charushin.

Third Edition, 1990, RADUGA PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW, (Previous Edition 1980, Progress Publishers).
Hard Bound, 72 Pages, ISBN: 5-05-001623-1 5050016231

"Wild and domestic animals played a tremendously important role in my childhood, since I practically lived among them... And I became an artist and a writer only thanks to the childhood I had, because my impressions of those years were so powerful and fascinating, exciting enough to last me a lifetime," wrote Yevgeny Charushin, a well-known Soviet artist and author of many animal stories for children, a man of rare charm and kindness.
Many of the animals he writes about were the pets and playmates of his son Nikita, who has also become an artist. Many of their books father and son did together, as in the present case: Yevgeny Charushin wrote the text, and Nikita Charushin did the drawings.

(CONTENTS: The Animals of Hot and Cold Lands (Lion, Penguins, Whale, Elephant, Boa, Cockatoo, Hippopotamus, Orangutan, Monkeys, Crocodile, Walrus, Polar Bear, Rhinoceros, Reindeer), In the Woods (Badger, Squirell, Crane, Wild Boar, Lynx, Bear, Fox, Hare, Owl, Hedgehog, Adder, Woodpecker, Black Grouse, Wolf), In Our Yard (Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Pig, Camel, Cow, Duck, Hen, Horse, Sheep, Nanny Goat, Turkey, Goose, Donkey).

My Grand Fathers : Gheorghe Voda

New Year in Sokolniki : A. Kononov (Lenin among Children)
Notes of a Nature Photographer : Anatoly Rogozhkin

Old Arm Chair : Zoya Voskrenskaya
Old Father Frost : V. Udyersky
The Old Horse and the Lion

Painted Fox : Ivan Franko
Pan Kotski the Puss-U-Cat
A Peace of cake
Pictorial Circus : Samuil Marshak
A Picture book of Insects

Prince Ivan and Grey Wolf
A Russian Folk-Tale

Adapted by I. Karnaukhova, Designed and Illustrated by Victor Kulkov, Retold In English by Serge Lednev.
1986, Malysh Publishers, Moscow, Soft Bound, 20 Pages with Two Pop-up Pages.

A Purple bird
The Purse with Coppers Two : Ion Creanga

Raggity and the Cloud by Sophia Prokofieva
Translated from the Russian by Cathleen Cook, Illustrated by Gennady Kalinovsky

English Translation, Progress Publishers, 1982.
Hard Bound, 160 Pages.

Rare Animals : I. Akimushkin
Rat-a-tat-tat ! : Nikolai Nosov
Red Hill : Vitaly Bianki
The Red Playmouth Rock Cockerel : Gari Nemchenko
Riddles in Rhymes

Rooster Sing-True Cock-A-Doodle-Do by Petras Cvirka
Fairy Tales
Translated by Irina Zheleznova and Olga Shartse, Illustrated by Taida Balciunaite.

Soft Bound, 36 Pages.


Ruslan and Ludmila : Alexander Pushkin

School : Arkadi Gaider
The Seaside Childrens Republic : Vasily Golyshkin
Sevka wants to live somewhere else
The Singing Feather : Vasily Sukhomlinsky
The Song of little Birds : Helle Laas
Stories and Poems for Children
Stories for Children : Lev Tolstoy
Summer Tales : Eno Raud
The Sun's Storehouse : M. Prishvin

Take it easy Leopard
A Tale about a war secret about a boy Nipper-Pipper and his word of Honour
A Tale of the Cosmic Travels of Ant the Tramp
The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights
Tales : Alexander Pushkin
Tales About Metals
Tales About Two Kinds
Tales and Legends of Africa
Tales by Uncle Trivim : Georgi Orlov
Tales for Alyonushka : D. Mamin-Sibiryak
Tales of a Hero Nobody Knows
Tales of the Amber Sea
The Tale of Master Igor : Georgi Yudin
Telesik : Ukrainian Folk Tales
There was once a Beaver
There was Once a Fox : Igor Akimushkin
There was Once a Hedgehog
The Three Fat Men : Yuri Olesha
The Three Kingdoms : Russian Folk Tales from Alexander Afanasiev's Collection
The Tigers Nephew
Timbu-Limbu, her courtiers and the snow millers
Tomorrow Yesterday : Boris Zubkov
The Town in the Snuff-Box, Old Father Frost : Vladmir Odoyevsky
The Twelve Months : Fairy Tales by Soviet Writers
The Two Friends : Lev Tolstoy

Ukranian Folk Tales
Uncle Steeple : Sergei Mikhalkov
The Unsheathed Saber : Alexander Vinogradov

Vasili and Vasilissa, Siberian Stories
Vasilisa the Beautiful, Russian Fairy Tales
Visiting Captain Fibbur : Andrei Nekrasov
Visiting Grandpa
The Visitors

The Vixen and the Crane
Ukrainian Folk Tale

Translated from the Ukranian by Mary Skrypnyk, Illustrated by Volodimir Holozubov.
Kiev Dnipro Publishers 1986, Soft Bound, 16 Pages.

Ruslan and Ludmila : Alexander Pushkin

Wash Em Clean : Kornei Chukovsky
We're flying across the USSR
What the Bat Told Us : Boris Zubkov
What The Telescope Tells Us : Pavel Klushantsev
When Daddy was a little boy: Alexander Raskin
When Questions are Asked
Where the Sun Wakes Up : Stories by soviet writers
White Star : Anton Chekhov
The White Stork in the Sky : Stories by Byelorussian Writers
Who Lives in Anthill : Alexander Tambiyev
Who is Strongest : Valery Suslov
Whose is the Sun : Yuri Averenkov
Why the water in the sea is salty
Winged Tales : Vladislav Krapivin
Within and without wears his coat wrong-side out
Wolf Who Sang Songs : Boris Zhakhadev
The World of Amphibians
The World of Young Pioneers : compiled by S. Furin

Yellow Beak : Alexei Tolstoy
Your First Move, chess for beginners : Alexei Sokolsky
Yushka : Alexander Kuprin


Aparichiton Ke Beech : Nosov
Aise Hain Jaanwar
Aur Phat Gaya Gubbara : N. Nosov
Indra Dhanush Ke Bimb
Kahani Dhatuon Ki
Manushya Mahabali Kaise Bana
Nanhe Munnon Ke Liye Jyomiti
Nazaanu Kavi Kaise Bana
Nazaanu Chitrakaar Kaise Bana : N. Nosov
Nazaanu Ne Udan Gubbara Kaise Banaya : N. Nosov
Papa Jab Bachche Thhe
Phool Nagar Ke Baune
Roosi Itihas Ki kahaniyan
Sone Ki Chaabi : A. Tolstoy
Teen Mote : Boleshek
Yeh Sabhi Kutte Hain



Against Revisionism : Lenin
Agrarian India Between the World War
Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism : Marx, Engels, Lenin

Cecil Rhodes and His Time : Apollon Davidson
Child Psychiatry and You
Civil War in France : K. Marx
Civilisation and the Historical Process
Class Struggle in France 1848-50 : K. Marx
Collected Works : Lenin. Volumes 1 to 35

Collected Works, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Volumes 1 to 45
Only 20 out of 45 volumes are left in stock.
The English-language edition of the Collected Works of Marx and Engels, which is a joint publication of Lawrence & Wishart Ltd., London, International Publishers Co. Inc., New York, and Progress Publishers and the Institute of Marxism-Leninism, Moscow, will include all the works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels published in their lifetime and a considerable part of their legacy of manuscripts as well as their letters.
The whole edition is planned to comprise fifty volumes, organised into three main groups: (1) philosophical, historical, political, economic and other works, in chronological order; (2) Marx's Capital, with his preliminary versions and works directly connected with it, particularly the Economic Manuscript of 1857-58, better known under the editorial heading Grundrisse der Kritik der Politischen Okonomie; (3) letters of Marx and Engels after they began to work together (August 1844).
The earlier volumes will appear in numerical order. Thereafter the sequence of publication will not necessarily follow that order.
Previously published translations of works of Marx and Engels will be checked and revised for this edition. Many works are, however, being translated into English for the first time. Articles by Marx and Engels written in English for the British and American press of their day will in many cases be republished in English for the first time.

Volume 15, Progress Publishers, 1986, Hard Bound, 778 Pages
Volume 15 contains the works of Marx and Engels written between May 1856 and September 1858, consisting mainly of articles contributed to the New-York Daily Tribune. The volume also contains Marx's work "B. Bauer's Pamphlets on the Collision with Russia", published for the first time in English, and the unfinished Revelations of the Diplomatic History of the 18th Century.
A considerable portion of the articles are devoted to the economic crisis of 1856-57, and illustrate with great clarity Marx's views on capitalist crisis.
Several articles deal with the domestic and foreign policies of the main European powers, particularly Britain and France, and also their expansionist policy in Asia.
The volume contains a large number of articles connected with the Indian popular uprising of 1857-59, as well as two articles by Marx which summarised the course of the fourth Spanish revolution of 1854-56.
In the section "From the Preparatory Materials" Marx's sketch "Venice" appears in English for the first time.

A Concise Psychological Dictionary
Edited by A. V. Petrovsky and M. G. Yaroshevsky.
Translated from the Russian, Edited by Pyotr Shikhirev, Cand. Sc. (Phil.), Designed by Yuri Davydov.
Hard Bound 358 Pages, 1987, PROGRESS PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.

This dictionary is intended for a wide range of readers seeking information on concepts used in modern psychologgy. The entries embrace the main branches of psychology, theoretical trends and concepts, methods of psychological research, and major aspects of the history of psychology.

Correspondence Between the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Presidents of the USA and The Prime Ministers of Great Britain during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945
Collected Works Lenin, Index I and II

De Gaulle : His Life and Work
Dialectics of Nature : Engels
Dialectical Materialism : Alexander Spirkini
Domination in 2545 End Game Studies

Ecology and Development : O. Dreyer, B. Los, V. Los
Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 : Karl Marx
Economic Inequality of Nations : Alexander Buzuev
Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte : Karl Marx
Engels A Short Biography

Fredric Engels - Life and Work
Fundamental Problems of Marxism : Plekhanov
Fundamentals of Scientific socialism

A History of Psychology : M. Yarishevsky
How to Study the Theory of Scientific Communism

The Ideological Struggle and Literature : Albert Belghow
Indian Economy
Insane Squandering
Ireland and the Irish Question : K. Marx and F. Engels

Jawaharlal Nehru and His Political Views

Karl Marx and His Teaching

Lenin in Profile
Lenin's What is To be Done : V.P. Filtsov

Manifesto of Communist Party
Marshal of Soviet Union Vol I and II (Set) : Marshal Zhukov
Marx Engels Marxism : Lenin
Marxism on State : Lenin
The Marxist Leninist theory of society : V. D. Zotov
Materialism and Empirio Criticism : Lenin
Marxist Leninist Philosophy : T. Vlasora
Marxist Leninist Aesthetics and Life, A Collection of Articles
Marxist Philosophy on Lenin's Stage : L.M. Surorov

National Liberation Movement in the East : Lenin

The Nature of Science by V. Ilyin, A. Kalinkin
An Epistemological Analysis.
Translated from the Russian by Sergei Syrovatkin, Designed by Vladmir Achkanov.
1988, English translation of the revised Russian text, PROGRESS PUBLISHERS, MOSCOW.
Hard Bound, 254 Pages, ISBN 5-01-000503-4 5010005034

About the Authors: Viktor Ilyin and Anatoli Kalinkin are among the leading scientists of Moscow University specialising in problems of the philosophy of science. Their original works-monographs, pamphlets, and articles-are well-known in the USSR. Viktor Ilyin, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor of Moscow University, has studied the theory of knowledge and the history of science at the Department of Philosophy of that University. He is a major researcher in the field of epistemology. Anatoli Kalinkin, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor of Moscow University, has studied logic and the methodological problems of the humanities. He has obtained some highly important results in this field.
About the Book: What is the nature of science? What are the factors conditioning it? Where lies the boundary between science and the sphere of everyday experience, mythological-poetical, artistic-symbolic thinking, morality, religion, and other areas of the social superstructure? These highly topical issues are discussed in the present volume in the context of a comprehensive discourse on ancient and contemporary science. The authors have closely studied the general and particular criteria of scientificity, the origin of science from pre-scientific forms of knowledge, and the dynamics of scientific rationality at the various stages of mankind's history. Typology of knowledge is worked out, scientific types are characterised and an original conception of the progress of science outlined. This work is the first practically implemented attempt of an all-round analysis of the phenomenon of science as a specific type of conceptual processing of reality, one that is subject to autonomous laws of development and self-change.

Correspondence Between the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Presidents of the USA and The Prime Ministers of Great Britain during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945
Collected Works Lenin, Index I and II

On Colonialism : Marx Engels
On Dialectical Materialism : Marx, Engels and Lenin
On Historical Materialism : Marx, Engels and Lenin
On Literature and Art : Marx Engels
On Paris Commune: Marx Engels
On Scientific Communism : Marx, Engels and Lenin
On the Unity of International Communist Movement
On Trade Unions : Lenin
On United States : Marx Engels
On United States of America
On Worker's Control and Nationalisation of Industry
On Youth (Lenin)
Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State: F. Engels

Peasant War in Germany : Engels
Political Economy a Study Aid
Poverty of Philosophy : K. Marx
The Psychological War

Scientific Communism : Petr Nikolaevich Fedoseev
Selected Correspondence Marx, Engels
Selected Philosophycal works Vol. I : G. Plekhanov
Selected Verse : V. Mayakovsky
Selected Works : Lenin
Selected Works Vol. I, II and III : Marx, Engels
Short History of USSR
Social Psychology : Galina Andreyeva
Socialism : Utopian and Scientific : Engels
Socialism and war : Lenin
Socialist Revolution : Marx, Engels

Theory of Surplus Value Vol. I
Third International and Its Place in History : Lenin
Three Leaders
To the Rural Poor : Lenin

Wages System : Engels
What are Classes and Class Struggle
What is Labour : P. Savchenko
What is Philosophy
What is Transition Period

Year of Victory : I. Konev

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